Keskarel, A Quicktime Storyboard / 72:00 minutes
Artist name:Sylvia Toy

‘Keskarel’ is a live-action (not an animatic!) feature-length Quicktime storyboard, directed and produced by sylviatoyindustries. The idea for Keskarel started with a five minute video performance piece by sylviatoyindustries that was based on a dating spam email from “keskarel navapeac” (look for it on this anti-spam site The characters and the dialogue in ‘Keskarel’ were entirely improvised by the actors, using a storyline written by Chris Arthur-Henly Robinson. Entirely – so much so, that 75% of what we shot was thrown out as the characters lived an ever-changing story in their fictional world. This piece will be produced in late 2011-early 2012 with full tech by sylviatoyindustries, with Michael Lewis and Chris Robinson co-directing. The cast is Diana Slampyak, Nima Nejad, Nidal Yousef, Steven Lewis, Sapna Gandhi and Nena St. Louis. We thank Zatoon Records for the loan of tunes by The Neybuzz. Our movie is blogged at ‘Keskarel’ is shot on Canon Vixias in San Francisco.

The difference between a cameraman and a woman with a camera in her purse is B-Roll. I am an actor who never goes out the door without a camera. I have been a performance artist for 22 years.

Artist Statement
“… and her girlish voice lacks the color and texture for character.” (Judith Greene, San Jose Mercury News)


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