Runnn A****le / 4:23 minutes
Artist name: Sylvia Toy

Performance art that started storyboarding itself as soon as I saw from the trolley that there is a new grafitti mural where my favorite one used to be. A spark that would not be denied had me pulling out my Flip before I was off the trolley, and racing down the street like they were about to paint over the new mural with that horrible maroon paint, too. It was as if I already all the shots, all the angles, how to design and costume the shoot all at once, and when I bought the aluminum foil at Walgreen’s, I was embarrassed because my hands were shaking.

The difference between a cameraman and a woman with a camera in her purse is B-Roll. I am an actor who never goes out the door without a camera. I have been a performance artist for 22 years.

Artist Statement
“… and her girlish voice lacks the color and texture for character.” (Judith Greene, San Jose Mercury News)


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