This film is an investigation into the transformations that human relationships face when interacting in Virtual Worlds.
Love and sexuality are an important factor in any human relationship. However, what is new in Virtual Worlds is the ability to exercise those relationships without any real risk, external censure or imposition from an internal “super-ego”.
By means of my films and Second Life, I try to imagine how consciousness and the psyche of Man will evolve as a result of these new technologies.
To make this machinima, I was inspired by John Suler’s book “Psychology of Cybersepace”

Pixie Rain / Angie Abraham / Summer H. / Nasty Puddlegum

French painter and director of TV movies and experimental cinema . He has been living and working in South India for the past ten years, traveling and filming.
At this moment still in India, he is experimenting with 3D “real time” in immersive world, creating “Machinima Movies ” as Tutsy NAvArAthnA, resident in Second Life®.
He became both creator and spectator of his life.
New medium for new messages.

MetaSex / 10:00 minutes
Artist name: Tutsy Navarathna

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