Light scorched earth / 24:44 minutes
Artist name: Uri Noam

A 25 minutes static shot. In this shot I dismantle / destroy a previous installation of mine. Slowly and patiently I break a mud-bricks made wall until it is finally destroyed, and light is penetrating from outside. A video (my previous project) is projected on the mud-bricks wall. In this previous video I am photographed building a stones wall in the middle of the desert. The mud-bricks wall is demolished with a hammer that sometimes gives the impression of digging in a vertical soil. The video presents three layered images of different perspectives: The first layer is the inside, the now and here, in this layer I destroy the wall – digging from the inside out. The second layer is the projected video. This layer has no time or place – a fantasy in which I try to build a defense wall from the unknown. The third layer is the outside – a white, blinding light that penetrates to the inside and scorches the second and the first layers. The first and second layers strive one against the other, until the unavoidable result where the outside invades the inside. The outside holds a constricted violence: The white light that scorches everything, until nothing is left. This video deals with the struggle between the layers that build it: between front and background, between inside and outside, between light and darkness.

Uri Noam was born in 1980 in Beer-Sheva, a city in the south of Israel. As a Child I started to deal with still photography. 2003 – 2004 – Documentary photography workshop. One of my projects in this workshop was published in the Israeli photography magazine – Contact. 2005 – 2009 – Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, Screen-Based Arts Department. During my studies I made a short documentary movie that achieved a scholarship. My completion project was select as the department’s exceptional project and was published in some newspapers in Israel. 2010 – 2011 – I work as a lighting technician in theaters and create at my studio in the south of Tel Aviv.


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