Video documentation for an artwork + a show / 6:43 minutes
Artist name: Wai Man Teresa Leung

This is a work and at the same time an exhibition, thus I name this event an artwork + a show. The show/artwork ambiguity arises because this is a piece showcasing my experience of a ‘negotiated’ function of the Victoria harbor front. The interaction between an individual and a place creates many possible ‘negotiated functions’ different from its original function. Instead of drawing people closer, most of the Victoria Harbor front in Hong Kong is distant or with barriers that stop people from staying long. Despite its not too attractive look, the harbor front near Java Road under the Eastern Corridor offers relatively easy access. Earlier this year, I set up a table and had a meal there ( On Nov 13, 2010, I staged a come back and set up a mini exhibition, another ‘negotiated function’ that I as an individual can actualize.

Wai-man Teresa Leung lives and works in Hong Kong. She has exhibited in different cities including Berlin, Hong Kong, and Sao Paulo. For a complete biography, visit

Artist Statement
Most of my recent works reflect my interest in space of urban non-places such as harbor front and highways, its possible functions, and people’s interaction with it. Inspired by the notorious urban planning of the city I live in, I reflect on and show personal experience of urban space and its possible functions I can actualize through my intervention works. There is reportedly more than half of the world’s population living in cities now. I assume most of my audiences and potential audiences have some experiences of living in cities. I would like city dwellers to read my works as my reflections on curious urban locations in open space – whether they know or agree with the notion of non-places – and in the hope they will be reminded of similar space they visited and be curious about them in their personal ways. Equally important will be the incorporation of a participatory element – getting individuals and/or specific groups to be involved in projects – to demonstrate that art is an experience rather than just an object to look at.


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