White / 5:43 minutes
Artist name: Xi  FENG

White is based on a writing piece in which I redefined and personalized the color white. In the video, White firstly represented the cruel state of emptiness. However, acceptance and understanding eventually emerged.

Xi FENG was born in Mainland China in the mid?80s. She studied Visual Communication at Southern Yangtze University. Through exchange program, she then continued her study in Multimedia at Université du Québec. After graduation, she worked on Postproduction/Editing with award?winning film production companies in Montreal, such as Eyesteelfilm and Phi?Group. With the passion on fine arts and film, she’s also creating experimental video/film projects to meditate on her unique cultural identity.

Artist Statement
I combine visions and influences from various visual and performance arts. The curiosity towards other cultures also contributes largely on my art practice. Living and traveling in different countries and language environments, I more and more reflect on my culture from afar. Such life style influences on my philosophy, and encourages me to embrace other culture experiences. With the enthusiasm on Chinese philosophy and classical esthetics, equally on western contemporary arts and concepts, I then started to search a new identity through abstract and poetic imagery. Although the colorful culture experiences and languages always fascinate me, I believe that art should climb over cultures and form. Firstly, the sensitivity of work should be able to go beyond culture differences, and to resonate with beauty and emotions of our being. Secondly, although choosing video as my main medium, my art is open up to collaboration with different art forms, and to break boundaries between culture differences. My works are often nostalgic, poetic, sensitive; meanwhile, they are evidently combined with the experiments, simplicity and the avant-garde. I can see my work grows as I gain better maturity on personal and artistic level. They are heading somewhere that one can find abundance dance with simplicity.
Email: vivianfengxi@gmail.com
Website: http://xifengstudio.com

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