Bayer’s Cockroaches / 4:57 minutes
Artist name: Yael Bedarshi 

This video installation project is based on a promotional video by Bayer AG, from 1987. The original Bayer video, which explains the various pest extermination methods, emphasizing the tradition that Bayer has in this field (Ater WW2, IG Farben, which produced the Zykon B gas for the extermination camps, was split up into other companies, one of them is Bayer). Yael Bedarshi discovered this video and re-edited it into a 3 screen video installation in a dark room. The installation, titled “The Cockroaches”, was shown at the exhibition Burnt Whole – art after the Holoacust, 1993 (curator: Karen Holtzman, WPA in Washington DC, and ICA Boston). It was also shown at the Martin Grupius Bau Museum, Berlin, in 1992 (as a part of the exhibition “7 Juedische Kuenstler in Berlin”).

Yael Bedarshi was born in Tel Aviv. She studied fine arts at the HdK Berlin under Rebecca Horn focusing on experimental filmmaking. She’s exhibited video at group exhibitions such as Burnt Whole, at the WPA Washington DC, and ICA Boston. After a year-long scholarship at the film and video department at CalArts in LA, she returned to Israel in 1995. Bedarshi works as a writer, director and editor in Tel Aviv.



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