Destroy / 3:46 minutes
Artist name: Zachary Skinner

DESTROY is about television being fixated on destruction to the extent that we have become comfortable with it. Even when the subject is real lives and deaths and catastrophes, they are presented with flashy graphics and by highly groomed newscasters. I think there is value to seeing this in a different context, extracted from TV, experiencing it like an engineer inspecting the structure of a machine.

Zachary is an interdisciplinary artist who lives and works in NYC. Recently, he has been a partner at Forte+Zachary, a NYC fashion photography duo. He received his BFA for painting from SUNY New Paltz College, and his MFA from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

Artist Statement
Central to my artistic practice, is the interrogation of our relationship to destruction, within the context of contemporary American, capitalist, and political culture. I don’t think that art has to be an answer. I am interested in making artworks that invoke questions about ones self within this culture, i.e. a contemplative experience. My approach to artistic mediums is to conflate multiple contemporary mediums into a single artwork, without giving primacy to any one medium. I find experimenting with mediation and theatricality to be more exciting than refining one medium.



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